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Whether you are a student at university or a young person who has just started working life; We always support new projects, creativity, art and science. But the most important thing is that young people know that we are with them so they can turn their dreams into goals. It is important to us that you love your job and your determination to realize your dreams. We are always open to creative and young projects.

By Investing in Young People's Projects

We Grow the Future.

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Acme Young is Always Ready to Build the Future Together.

We are here to make young people's dreams come true!

Acme Holding is an organization dedicated to discovering the potential of young people, supporting their projects and believing in them. Acme Young is a reflection of this vision; It represents our belief in shaping the future by supporting young people's brave steps, different perspectives and projects that will contribute to the development of the world.

We trust the energy, creativity and potential of young people. We believe they will play a key role in a world full of innovation and change. Therefore, as Acme Young, we stand by young entrepreneurs and innovators. We are here to support their visions, projects and ideas.

Combining Acme Holding's solid infrastructure, expert staff and resources, Acme Young helps young people implement and grow their projects. We come together to support and guide young people at every step, from the start-up phase to the growth and expansion process.

Acme Young not only celebrates the success of young entrepreneurs, but also provides education, mentorship and resources to maximize their potential. Celebrating and encouraging the achievements of young people is an important mission for us.

By supporting young people's projects, we fulfill our responsibilities not only as a company but also as a member of society. By supporting their brave steps and different perspectives, we contribute to making the world a better place.

As Acme Young, we will continue to support the leaders and change makers of the future. We will support young people as they implement their projects, and continue to inspire them and share in their success.

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