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As Acme Holding, we attach great importance to social responsibility projects. We operate in areas such as education, environmental protection and social equality. We work for a sustainable future by contributing to society.



Acme Holding has a great sense of social responsibility for the protection of nature and the welfare of animals. It supports various projects for the sustainable use of natural resources and protection of the environment. It also raises awareness about the protection of nature and animals by organizing training and awareness programs for local communities. It carries out studies on animal welfare, such as rehabilitation of stray animals and providing support to shelters. With these social responsibility projects, it aims to both protect the natural balance and increase the welfare of the society.



Developed thinking, understanding, research and problem solving competencies; Equipped with the knowledge and skills required by the information society; Possess the life skills of the 21st century and have internalized the national culture and values; Developed artistic sensitivity and skills that are open to communication, sharing and cooperation with teachers, parents and students; have high self-confidence, self-esteem, awareness of rights, justice and responsibility; Mehmet Batallı Secondary School was established with the mission of providing continuous learning environments and opportunities to provide students with life skills by creating an environment and opportunity for the education of diligent, entrepreneurial, creative, innovative, peaceful, healthy and happy individuals.

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