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our vision

As Acme Holding, we base our brands on trust and act with the principles of transparency and accountability in our brands that we manage with corporate citizen awareness. By meeting our customers' expectations at the highest level, we establish trust-based relationships and work passionately for continuous customer satisfaction. We work passionately towards the goal of achieving the best in all sectors in which we operate.

Our Mission

Value Creation and Service with Quality

As Acme Holding, we act with the mission of creating value. Our first priority is to create value with every product we produce in our brands and to meet our customers' expectations with quality and affiliates. While customer satisfaction and loyalty are at the center of our business, we closely follow technology and modern production techniques.

Additionally, by supporting artistic activities, we make the power of art felt in every aspect of our business. By combining technology and art, we make a difference not only in our products but also in the customer experience. As Acme Holding, we act with a value-oriented approach and aim to provide the best service to our customers by constantly improving ourselves.

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